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Youpee is an html preprocessor that allows you to embed any code of any script language as well as calling any external program to generate text files. It is specially designed to work with html/xml documents and provides traditional features: define, include, macro, conditional tests, loop...


The Release 3.8 is available : here ( 481 kbytes ).
or (without the required pcre4.3 package) : light here ( 35 kbytes ).
It's a tar-gzip includes all the source files as well as the Readme in html, Licence and Makefile. You'll also find a smoketest directory to make some tests of each feature. Everythings has been compiled using gcc.
If you already downloaded an older release use the light version to update the files.


Quick information are provided in the Readme.
changes are here and the known issues are here.
The LICENCE is very flexible.


The following sites already use youhp3 :
to add your site: send an email


Youpee is written by Nicolas JEAN <>

last modified 07/27/2006
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